Newsletter Issue #576: They Make It Up as They Go Along

December 13th, 2010

In the endless search for sound and fury, some so-called journalists are intent on seizing upon something, anything, in search of a story. Now I want get into the political wars here. That’s far too polarizing and way beyond the scope of these columns. Instead, I’m going to take another article that represents an all-too-typical attempt to find a signal in a tiny but of noise, but ends up with mostly smoke and mirrors.

The article in question comes from one of the usual offenders, the ZDNet Mobile division of CNET. That CNET is part of CBS has evidently not impacted its longstanding reputation for shoddy reporting and questionable speculation.

The article in question, which, as usual in such cases, doesn’t deserve a link, says it all in the headline: “Apple risking performance (and reputation) by switching to Intel for budget note-book graphics?”

So what’s the story all about? Why would Apple, on a roll with powerful hardware, soaring sales, and millions of loyal customers, sacrifice it all for the “privilege” of using new and supposedly inferior parts from Intel?

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