Newsletter Issue #577: On the Trail of Apple Circa 2011

December 20th, 2010

Sometimes you get so busy figuring out what a company has done, you may miss telltale signs of where they are going. Of course, with many of the tech companies, management is often more concerned about how many boxes they’ll sell in the next quarter, rather than a long-term product strategy.

One area where Apple seems quite different from the competition is that there is a master plan. You may not know what the plan is, and sometimes there are forks in the road, such as the iPhone, which Steve Jobs claims was an outgrowth of the iPad project. Only the iPhone arrived nearly three years earlier.

What that goes to show is that Apple’s game plan isn’t written in stone. There will be changes, dictated by new ideas that arise perhaps from an existing project, or perhaps customer responses and requests.

I realize some of you believe that Apple doesn’t care about customers, but it is those customers who made a once-dying company the number one tech firm on the planet. If they don’t buy, Apple listens, yet Apple in the twilight of 2010 is a powerful juggernaut that is fully capable of transforming an industry with unexpected product initiatives, or unique features.

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