Newsletter Issue #578: Where Apple’s Wi-Fi Router Failed to Provide the Solution

December 27th, 2010

I have to tell you that, whenever I need a new gadget for a particular purpose, I first look at Apple’s catalog to see if they have a product that fills the bill. The first significant Wi-Fi router solutions came from Apple, the original AirPort. In fact, I suspect millions of owners still say AirPort rather than Wi-Fi when asked what they are using for wireless connections at their home or office, and that makes perfect sense. In a field where most entrants provide Web-based, and exceedingly obtuse, configuration panels, AirPort stands out for its relatively simple setup routine.

My experience with various AirPort models through the years has been quite good; that is, until I moved to a new apartment recently and everything fell apart.

My AirPort product is a two-year-old Time Capsule variant, which melds an AirPort Extreme with a 1TB network drive. In my former location, I had few problems. Connections from my office area (one of the bedrooms) to the master bedroom were pretty solid.

The problems all began when I wired everything in the new apartment. The Time Capsule was situated near the wall closest to the master bedroom, roughly in the middle of the apartment. My MacBook Pro was placed on a table about 25 feet away, yet couldn’t receive a usable signal. The iPhone survived halfway through the living room before it lost the signal.

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