Newsletter Issue #584: The iPad as a Subplot

February 7th, 2011

So I’m watching last week’s episode of the USA Network’s lightweight but breezy legal drama, “Fairly Legal,” when the iPad becomes a plot element. Seems an Assistant DA, once married to the show’s lead character, wants to buy her a birthday present, and please don’t ask me to explain the fine details.

Well, another character, who works as an assistant to the show’s star, suggested an iPad, and the ex-husband reluctantly agreed, and even handed that person his credit card. Well, to make a long story short, the assistant decided to keep the iPad for himself, and gave the show’s star a different present. As I said, don’t ask!

None of this probably means much if you’re not a fan of “Fairly Legal.” What’s most important, however, is that Apple gear is ubiquitous on that show. In addition to the iPad’s presence towards the end of the episode, just about everyone in the legal office where most of the indoor action takes place has an iMac on their desks. The smartphones are, you guessed it, usually iPhones. Apple continues to receive tens of millions of dollars worth of free publicity from their product placements.

This isn’t to say that other PC companies don’t have products on display, but it’s awfully hard to separate their logos without looking close. I’ve seen products from Dell and HP, but, as I said, you really have to be paying attention. The famous Apple logo is large, clear and relatively bright.

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