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Newsletter Issue #600: The WWDC Talk Intensifies

Up till recently, the common meme had it that Apple would devote the next Worldwide Developer’s Conference, scheduled for June 6-10 this year in San Francisco, to touting the latest and greatest Mac OS and iOS technologies. So you’d get an update about the status of Mac OS X Lion, and iOS 5 would likely be demonstrated as well.

What you weren’t supposed to get was new hardware. Unless there’s a major change in the lineup, new Macs are usually heralded with a couple of press releases, a short shut-down of Apple’s online store to revamp the product catalog, and perhaps a few press opportunities with Apple executives. That low-key approach hasn’t really hurt Mac sales. Even those cute Mac versus PC ads are history, but Mac sales are way, way up, particularly in the enterprise where Apple used to be an afterthought, while overall PC sales are flagging.

In recent years, the WWDC has also been used to introduce a new iPhone, but it may well be that it won’t happen this year. Supposed indications of early production of a new iPhone are said to be absent. Since the contract factories Apple uses to assemble such gear aren’t rumored to be stamping out increasing numbers of any new models, it appears the next iPhone won’t arrive until fall.

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