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Newsletter Issue #601: The Awful Truth About Those iPad Killers

So a report is published this week indicating that the companies that are trying to beat the iPad with their own tablets are cutting back on production. At a time when Apple still can’t keep up with demand for the iPad 2, this clearly means that those other gadgets from the likes of Motorola, RIM, Samsung and other companies, aren’t doing very well in the market.

We still have Best Buy proclaiming their intention to set up a special tablet section, but why bother if most customers are only after one product? Besides, most Best Buy stores already have a dedicated Apple section, with iPads, or the small numbers that are available, are under lock and key. The rest of the products might as well be in the storage room, ready for the few people who request them, since there’s no sense taking up expensive shelf space for gear that isn’t moving.

Now I know stores that do not carry the iPad are busily touting the rivals. The nearby Staples business supply outlet has huge signs proclaiming the availability of the Motorola Xoom and the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook. At the same time, I don’t see near as many TV ads for either. Maybe the makers of those failed products are cutting back on the campaigns, since they’re a waste of money.

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