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Newsletter Issue #606: Some Mac Users Locked Out of Lion

The latest set of rumors have it that Mac OS X Lion will land in the Mac App Store during the coming week, perhaps on July 14th. Within days, they say, you’ll also be able to order refreshed versions of the MacBook Air, and perhaps some other Macs in need of an upgrade.

Obviously, Apple hasn’t said so yet. There is just the promise of a July 2011 arrival, and the recent report that a Golden Master seed has become available to registered Apple developers. Even then, there’s no certainty that version will be the one to ship. Last minute problems might result in a revision, if Apple doesn’t decide to just wait for a 10.7.1 to address any lingering bugs.

At the same time, it’s a sad fact that a fair number of Mac users will not be able to upgrade to Lion, and therein lies a tale.

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