Newsletter Issue #611: Strange Days Indeed

August 15th, 2011

If you can believe some of those so-called tech pundits, by about now the iPad’s market share would be in steep decline, as more and more competing tablets entered the marketplace. Watching those frequent TV ads for the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom, and even the HP TouchPad might actually lead you to believe that there is indeed a substantial tablet market.

But if you look at those ads carefully, without any means of comparison, you’d wonder what a tablet is good for. If you can believe RIM, it’s for running movie trailers side by side on a 7-inch screen. As far as Motorola and HP are concerned, I’m not at all sure what they are trying to tell you, other than that their products are nice looking and fast.

Once you see any of the ads for the iPad 2, you’d come to believe Apple lives in a totally different reality from all the rest. These TV spots are touchy-feely, quietly demonstrating all the cool things you can accomplish on your iPad. The background music is quiet, subtle, the announcer speaks in a plain voice, rather than shout at you, which is so often done on TV spots these days.

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