Newsletter Issue #623: The Batterygate Myth

November 7th, 2011

To some misguided pundits, Apple’s supposed “Antennagate” scandal last year is an episode they will never live down. Even though other smartphones exhibit signal loss if you hold them the wrong way, meaning that you manage to cover the antennas with those big bad bags of water we call hands, the iPhone 4 got the bad rap. Of course Consumer Reports only reinforced that myth when they falsely claimed that particular device was the only one that had the problem.

Clearly sales didn’t suffer. Maybe Apple could have done a better job in handling the initial PR fallout, but a media event pretty much set the matter to rest, although giving away free bumper cases for a while didn’t hurt. Maybe a few lessons were learned along the way, and certainly one is the improved antenna design in the iPhone 4s.

Now when it comes to the iPhone 4s, you have to expect there will be early release bugs. There almost always are with new products of this sort, so it’s inevitable that early adopters will report problems. So within days after the refreshed iPhone got into the hands of users, some complained about subpar battery life. Another crisis in the making?

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