Newsletter Issue #624: Those Silly Surveys

November 14th, 2011

So a survey is published this week claiming that growth of Mac OS X Lion is unaccountably stagnating. A marketing firm, known as Chitika, has released the survey, which alleges that growth in Apple’s new OS, after an initial spurt, has slowed down seriously. If true, you’d think Apple has a problem, but are these figures to be believed?

Let’s just say, the results raise loads of questions.

Consider that, each and every month, Apple is selling more than 1.5 million new Macs. Since late July, every one of those Macs, other than a small number of units remaining in stock, were preloaded with 10.7 Lion. Most of these models cannot be downgraded. So where does Chitika get its figures? Unfortunately, when you examine their site, you’ll find precious little information about test methodology, though I did learn the company had to settle with the FTC last year over complaints about online ad targeting. Seems there were complaints about the opt-out process, involving people who didn’t want to receive such material.

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