Newsletter Issue #630: All-In-One Printing on the Cheap

December 26th, 2011

When it comes to printing, an all-in-one or multifunction printer is often your best choice. Such a device will incorporate printing, faxing and copying, but will often add faxing, assuming anyone cares anymore.

At one time, an all-in-one represented a huge compromise. By sticking a bunch of separate components into one box, something invariably got lost in the translation. That’s what they used to say about audio receivers too. So print quality would be subpar, not close to that of a standalone. And don’t expect miracles from copying and scanning, although it seems as if the faxing functions would usually be decent enough for home and small business use.

These days, it seems that printer makers have improved things quite a bit. The print function on the all-in-one will often deliver terrific results, even for photos. Copying, though not as swift as on one of those humongous machines you see at the copy or mailing store, will get the job done. As to scanning, a graphic artist will still prefer separates.

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