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Newsletter Issue #640: Why Do They Want a Smaller iPad?

As I’ve said in past columns, some media pundits, not to mention so-called industry analysts, believe they know more about the tech market than Apple. So when there’s a product niche that’s not being filled, they will attempt to make strong cases for why Apple needs to create those products right away.

Now as the iPad’s sales began to soar, Steve Jobs said that Apple had experimented with different display sizes, and decided that seven inches was just too small for most of you. That statement came at the time when other companies resorted to the smaller screens in an effect to somehow match Apple’s price.

The apparent success of the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire is being cited as a requiem for smaller tablets. If Amazon succeeded, Apple is not only missing the boat, but losing loads of potential sales to tablets with the smaller form factor. Therefore, they must be planning one, if not now, in the very near future.

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