Newsletter Issue #641: The New iPad Freakout

March 12th, 2012

I do wonder why some people expect Apple to totally rework a successful product with every revision, including a substantial case redesign. To them, looks count for everything, witness the way the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s upgrade was criticized. Put one against the other, and it was almost impossible to tell them apart, which means it was at best a tiny update to some.

It doesn’t matter that Apple went ahead and enhanced most every component. The camera went from five megapixels to eight megapixels, the integrated processor and graphics chip was far speedier, and a diversity antenna system essentially vanquished the last vestiges of Antennagate. And there’s Siri.

Sure, I suppose Apple could have revised the casings too, but that would have forced those who develop carrying cases for the product to remake their designs. Even the tiny position differences of the volume buttons between the GSM and CDMA versions of the iPhone 4 caused trouble for some accessory makers. At least Apple tried to show a little respect in revising the product. Besides, when you use your iPhone, do you just stare at it and marvel at its looks, or do you actually try to use it? And if you have it hidden in a case for protection, as I do, does any of this really matter?

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