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Newsletter Issue #645: A Few Offhand Observations About the New iPad

Leave it to Apple to keep us talking about them. Even the name of the third generation iPad became fodder for lots of discussion. Why not call it iPad 3 and be done with it? But, no, Apple chose instead to employ the Mac model, and use the generic product name, regardless of the revision. So you have, for example, the most recent iMac, which may be called iMac (Mid 2011). What this means is that we must call it iPad (third generation) I suppose.

Until next year, when Apple might just upset the applecart and use yet another type of product designation, and no, not the new new iPad. Just so long as we continue to talk about it, as I’ve just done, I’m sure Apple will relish in the free publicity.

But now that the initial furore has died down, it’s time to take a more thorough look at how the latest and greatest iPad stacks up compared to its predecessor. I won’t concern myself with other tablets, since I don’t think there are any out there that match Apple except for superficial specs. That’s why, except for the cheap 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire, it remains an iPad market.

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