Newsletter Issue #647: No Microsoft, It Wasn’t Just the Outlook Database

April 23rd, 2012

If you’ve read my commentaries about the Office for Mac 2011 SP2 update from Microsoft, you’d see I described it as somewhat imperfect. But based on comments from our readers, the blogosphere, and from others who downloaded the update, it was a true bag of hurt. Between Outlook identity database issues, prompts to reenter your product key (serial number) and other issues, it was clear this was a troublesome release.

Well, it didn’t take long for Microsoft to get the message. As of this weekend, the update has been pulled from AutoUpdate (it’s still available online), primarily because of problems with the Outlook database, where it keeps asking you to upgrade and won’t let the application ever run, and not because of any other programming lapses. But I’ll get into that shortly.

If you’ve already installed the update, and have encountered database problems, you are left with a fairly involved workaround to set things right, as posted in a Microsoft Support document. If you haven’t done the installation yet, there’s yet another scheme, no less involved, to prepare the database for the update. Or maybe just delete everything and start over.

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