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Newsletter Issue #651: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of — Imitation

Apple remains embroiled in serious intellectual property lawsuits. Some companies are being sued by Apple, while others are suing Apple. While there’s probably little end in sight, Apple has had some notable victories in recent weeks, but whether there’s going to be a permanent alteration in the consumer electronics business as a result is anyone’s guess.

Meantime, there are loads of products available that sorta/kinda look like they might have been made by Apple, although a closer look will reveal a few differences, and a different manufacturer’s branding. However, if you bring these clear and present resemblances to the attention of those companies, they will attempt to redirect your attention to the alleged differences. Maybe the smartphone that resembles an iPhone, more or less, has a larger screen or lets you use a stylus, as if anyone cares.

There are even rumors these days that Steve Jobs actually approved the design of a bigger iPhone as one of his final acts before his passing. As with most Apple rumors, however, the truth won’t be known until the next iPhone appears. It will either have a larger screen or it won’t. If it does, it won’t be because the competition features bigger displays on their high-end products.

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