Newsletter Issue #652: Getting Caught Up with Real or Imaginary Upgrades

May 28th, 2012

From almost the day that the iPhone 4s was released, Mac rumor sites, joined by the mainstream media, were busy informing you about a forthcoming “real” iPhone upgrade, the alleged iPhone 5. Just because Apple beefed up the parts, and added the Siri personal assistant, wasn’t sufficient. It looked the same as the previous model, supported essentially the same accessories, but that wasn’t a good thing. It wasn’t different enough.

Not mentioned is the fact that, once placed in the case, some of the perceived differences in form factor may be buried. Besides, whether your iPhone has a glass or aluminum backing isn’t going to materially impact your user experience. Well, at least if you’re not caught up in constantly staring at the thing.

Of course we all know that the iPhone 4s has been an incredible success, despite the endless proliferation of new Android OS models, not to mention the pitiful efforts of Microsoft and its main hardware partner, Nokia, to make Windows Phone relevant. And you need not remind me that Windows Phone is still, in some ways, a year or two behind iOS and Android, particularly when it comes to multitasking.

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