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Newsletter Issue #653: Hopes Grow for Possible iOS 6 Changes

During that widely published interview this week at the D10 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook was coy when asked about future products. He also promised that Apple is going to double down on secrecy, so you were left with a few bread crumbs, and vague hints at what’s coming.

This is part of the Apple playbook, so I didn’t expect to hear anything about, say, iOS 6, although you just know it will get heavy play at the Worldwide Developers Conference when it convenes later this month. The real question is what 100 or so new features will Apple introduce? Will they make major changes in the user interface? These are serious questions, and the possibilities are rich.

If you use previous OS introductions as a guide, Apple will concentrate on a handful of “tent pole” features that they regard as being the most significant. Or the ones that are designed to get the most play in the media.

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