Newsletter Issue #666: Can Apple Make Up with Its Enemies?

September 3rd, 2012

According to published reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are talking. But it’s probably not about exchanging family recipes or the state of the election campaign in the U.S. Most likely, Cook and Page are trying to come to some sort of agreement to stop the patent lawsuit mess that is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees for tech companies around the world.

Yes, Apple beat Samsung in a California courtroom. But, aside from the possible loss of face, it’s not going to put Samsung out of business, or even hurt the company’s revenue potential all that much. Sure, I suppose Samsung phones may lose popularity for a short time, and it has been reported that lots of people are selling them to dealers who buy up smartphones and other gear.

No doubt the arrival of the iPhone 5 — or whatever Apple chooses to call it — will boost the company’s share of the smartphone market. There won’t be so much talk about the next Galaxy handset for a while. But Samsung didn’t become a major manufacturing conglomerate by accepting failure.

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