Newsletter Issue #672: A Casual Look at More Windows 8 Silliness

October 15th, 2012

Get ready for a huge promotional campaign, as Microsoft begins an expensive attempt to tell you that Windows 8 will somehow miraculously turn the PC universe on fire. Throwing out the baby with the bath water, Microsoft has decreed that the world must be ready to embrace the Modern UI; that’s the tiled-based interface formerly known as Metro.

But even if you’re the proverbial power user, you will find that you may have to abandon many of the tried and true ways of doing things to embrace Microsoft’s questionable vision of the future.

Take such basic tasks as printing, which is traditionally invoked by choosing Print from the File menu, or the Mac and PC equivalent keyboard commands. You’d think that Microsoft would have, in making what’s supposed to be a more modern and superior operating system, attempted to make this basic command more discoverable, easier to do, right? Well, that’s rarely Microsoft’s way.

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