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Newsletter Issue #674: More Wacky Industry Analysts Have a Go at Apple

Anyone who has an ax to grind against Apple would have found lots of fuel for the fire this week what with Apple’s new product launches, and quarterly financials that fell short of financial analyst guesses. While Apple is not immune to criticism, these so-called analysts often take the criticisms too far, or they betray a shocking ignorance of the industry they are paid to analyze.

Just the other day, for example, a Forbes magazine contributor, who will go unnamed for the usual reasons, concluded that Apple couldn’t justify charging a higher price for the iPad mini, and use “thin” as what he called “a long term strategy you can count on.”

Well, obviously Apple isn’t just claiming the iPad mini is better because it is thinner. During his presentation at the San Jose media event, VP Philip Schiller made a huge deal over the fact that the iPad mini, by dint of its standard aspect ratio and larger display size, provided a better user experience compared to 7-inch tablets. Consider an iPad mini and a 7-inch Android tablet in landscape mode, and launch the Web browser. With the iPad mini, you get to see an acceptable amount of content, while the Android tablet’s display barely shows much more than a site’s headers without lots and lots of scrolling.

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