Newsletter Issue #679: Apple Continues to Give Repair People Nightmares

December 3rd, 2012

I am not one of those Baby Boomers who longs for the good old days. All right, I don’t use an iPad all that often, but I spend plenty of time with my iPhone, and not for talking to people. I really don’t use a phone all that much anyway. I also do not expect to disassemble appliances, though I had a taste for building radios and assembling audio gear way back when.

But when it comes to a personal computer, I do tend to prefer the way it was done with such classic Macs as the IIci, back in the early 1990s. In those days, it was a snap to pop the cover, and not much work to replace key internal parts. You could do most parts replacements without special tools.

However, Apple has long had a penchant for making Macs impossibly user hostile. I remember the original Quadra 800, for example, which required you to remove the logic board and several delicate cable assemblies before you could swap out RAM. With the original iMac, you had to pull it apart to get at the memory slots, although the process was fairly straightforward.

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