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Newsletter Issue #680: The Tim Cook Interview: More is Less

So the media still appears to believe that Apple CEO Tim Cook was extremely forthcoming in his recent interviews for Bloomberg and NBC News, and that you are learning all sorts of new things about him and Apple’s future direction. Or maybe not!

I watched the NBC interview, and read every word of the Bloomberg piece. It’s clear to me that everything Cook said was carefully rehearsed, and no doubt developed to provide the maximum possible buzz in the media. There was very little information that was in any way new. Most of it amounted to nothing more than a retread of the things we already knew based on Apple’s product releases and previous statements attributed to Cook and other Apple executives.

Think about the “revelation” that Apple was investing $100 to bring Mac manufacturing to the U.S. Now you’ve probably also noticed that some of the new iMacs are labeled as assembled in the U.S., which is something Apple cannot promise without meeting a very complicated set of regulations about how much of the product is built in this country.

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