Newsletter Issue #681: Apple is Toast Fever Strikes Again!

December 17th, 2012

So let’s look at the situation realistically. PC sales are down, but Mac sales appear to be flat, or maybe they’ll increase slightly, despite the lack of availability of new iMacs. iPhone 5 sales appear to be moving at a good clip, and Apple may sell as many iPad minis as the full-sized model. If pundit predictions are correct, Apple will even start selling a smart TV set in 2013, but don’t take that to the bank.

Considering the shaky state of the economy. Apple appears to be in really good shape. Revenue for this quarter may still be up considerably over last year, and prospects for 2013 continue to be promising. But there are clearly clouds on the horizon — or maybe not.

Amid reports that Apple had begun to cut back orders from suppliers, Apple’s stock, which had already been falling steadily, nose-dived to levels not seen since early this year. It’s almost as if Wall Street has hoped and dreamed for Apple to fail big time, and the slightest signs of potential failure were enough to push the stock over the cliff.

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