Newsletter Issue #687: The Ongoing Apple Disconnect

January 28th, 2013

In the 1980s, when I first started using Macs, I made a practical decision. My employer was moving from traditional typesetting to desktop publishing. The Mac owned that market, and thus management bought a few systems initially as a test. Over time, however, the realized they had made the right choice, since the company was able to survive a major turnover in the prepress industry and, in fact, still exists.

Having learned the ropes, I purchased my own Mac system, with color display, a laser printer and all the bells and whistles. I used it not for gaming, but for business, to edit and prepare a magazine for printing, and run my own desktop publishing business on the side. For my needs, at least, I had made the right choice.

But whenever I ventured into the outside world, it almost seemed as if I had stumbled upon a dimensional portal and had entered another universe. In that universe, the Mac did not exist, and everyone who wanted to do “real” work on a PC bought a box running a Microsoft operating system. Buying software for Macs proved difficult or impossible, unless you went to the few places where the Mac was front and center.

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