Newsletter Issue #688: Crazy Suggestions for Apple Products

February 4th, 2013

The pundits complain about Apple all the time, particularly the decision to supposedly leave tens or hundreds of millions of potential sales on the table because they won’t build a product that answers a specific need. Consider how Apple, by limiting product configurations to the minimum, may not be delivering what the customer wants. Even when there is a customize choice, as there is with a Mac, the variations tend to be fairly limited. Only the Mac Pro appears to give you some solid choices.

When it comes to Apple’s mobile gear, other than the choice of carrier, the options are largely in storage capacity, and only on the newest models. With the iPhone and the iPad, Apple keeps a few older versions in the lineup for the benefit of those who want to save money. With an iPhone 4, in fact, if you take a carrier’s contract, the purchase price is essentially free.

But there is always a chorus in the media saying that Apple is messing up big time, that they should be selling more alternatives to their most popular product lines. After all, why not fill a demand that clearly exists?

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