Newsletter Issue #695: Apple and the Media: Whom Do You Trust?

March 25th, 2013

As with governments, Apple and the fourth estate haven’t had such a cozy relationship, particularly after the return of Steve Jobs in the 1990s. Although Jobs delivered great talking points in his occasional interviews, he was always wary of the media unless Apple had full control of the message. These days, Apple has largely inherited that approach, although corporate PR seems to reach out a little more often to a few selected media resources.

In the absence of regular communications, however, some so-called journalists simply make things up. Or they come out with outrageous interpretations of things Apple has announced, will announce, or might announce.

Take the iWatch as a blatant example. Even if Apple really has 100 engineers working on such a device, that doesn’t prove that it will ever see the light of day. If Apple’s project assignment breakdown was ever disclosed, you’d probably see thousands of designers and engineers working on different technologies and potential products at any one time. You expect that with a company that wants to remain at the cutting-edge.

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