Newsletter Issue #696: Are You Ready for the Next Apple/Samsung Battle?

April 1st, 2013

There appears to be no stopping Apple and Samsung from suing each other. They continue to do battle in courts around the world over various and sundry intellectual property matters. While Apple gained a notable victory in a Northern California court last year, they haven’t collected any money, and Samsung is still selling the same smartphones and tablets.

In recent weeks, it has also been reported that Apple is working to move more and more component purchasing to other suppliers. Samsung has earned billions of dollars per year from Apple to build processors and supply memory chips and other components. Certainly Apple must be reluctant to want to enrich a heated competitor with whom they are battling in the courts, so this makes sense. But it would seem not to make sense for Samsung, considering all that lost business will be difficult — if not impossible — to replace.

The latest battle, however, is all about mobile devices. In March, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 smartphone, successor to the hot-selling Galaxy S3. They spent a bundle on a lavish if poorly executed presentation, but there was plenty of media interest. It was only natural to expect immediate comparisons between the S4 and the iPhone 5.

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