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  • Newsletter Issue #698: Coming to Grips with the New PC Industry

    April 15th, 2013

    The other day, one commentator suggested that the early dream of Steve Jobs for Apple to control the PC industry was finally coming to pass in the years after his passing. It all began in 2010, with the release of the iPad to a highly skeptical audience.

    Now up until the iPad arrived, the prevailing opinion had it that the Mac would continue to make gains against the Windows platform. Apple would get a double-digit global market share some day, but it would never grow high enough to displace Microsoft. Well, at least until the PC was no longer a serious factor in the tech business.

    But it appears that Microsoft’s inevitable decline has come faster than industry analysts expected, but you know what I think about their predictions. In any case, it has become more and more evident that people just aren’t replacing their old PCs as quickly as they used to. Windows 8 has provided no incentive whatever, except to avoid it like the plague.

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