Newsletter Issue #699: Designing by Focus Group

April 22nd, 2013

Microsoft reportedly relies heavily on focus group testing, though you have to wonder what sort of group they used in light of the Windows 8 debacle. Sure, there is a commentary from one blogger, known to me, who claims that Windows 8 is the next XP, and that it is destined to become the PC workhorse that will fuel a future resurgence.

Do the words “in your dreams” come to mind?

In any case, the argument is based on the fact that XP arrived in 2001 during an economic downturn, and that Windows 8 is in a comparable position. But in 2001 we didn’t have the iPad seriously cannibalizing PC sales. In other words, we didn’t have a resurgent Apple dominating the industry, and even if Apple didn’t do as well in the last quarter as some might have hoped, the company remains a powerhouse that a competitor ignores to their peril.

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2 Responses to “Newsletter Issue #699: Designing by Focus Group”

  1. Marvin Weide says:

    I received a message from CNEt that after May 31st TechTracker would be discontinued for Macs. Window machine would not be affected. TechTracker has been a super program keeping my non Apple apps up to date. Another program Bodega may be the next best bet.

    I would sure like to see you follow up with an article.

    Marv Weide
    AMUG member

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