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Newsletter Issue #700: The iPhone Versus Android: It’s About Customer Loyalty

In the weeks ahead of the release of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, we heard of at least one high-profile switch from iPhone to Android. Supposedly the Android universe offers a better user experience for those who want to customize their gadgets to a fare-thee-well.

In passing, I am currently using a Galaxy S3, but not because I decided to make a permanent switch from the iPhone. It’s about doing a proper extended review and learning more about Android, although Samsung’s user experience is heavily modified. That it happened around the same time that the well-known tech columnist made his switch with lots of pomp and circumstance is, so far as I’m concerned, sheer coincidence.

It was, however, troubling to read the columnist’s articles about his reasons for the switch, where he kept repeating the same points and made a huge deal to apologize for his decision, assuring his readers he still loved his Mac and his iPad. It came across as an act of reluctance, so why bother?

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