Newsletter Issue #702: Do You Hate Apple?

May 13th, 2013

In fact, do you hate any company? Do you hate Microsoft if you’re a Mac user, or Samsung if you prefer the iPhone and iPad? What about hating Ford if you prefer a Honda, or Mercedes-Benz if there’s an Audi in your driveway?

Does it even make sense to despise the company whose products you don’t buy? Well, maybe you might if you once bought something from a company and were dissatisfied. But is that any reason to despise them? What a waste of energy!

But that didn’t stop a certain financial publication from publishing a blog that listed “10 reasons to hate Apple.” The writer in question claims to have received all sorts of attacks from people who didn’t appreciate it when he wrote anything that would be perceived as favorable to Apple, but the initial version of his list is perfectly silly.

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