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  • Newsletter Issue #703: Samsung Galaxy S4: More Bits and Pieces

    May 20th, 2013

    According to published reports, Samsung is claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone shipped some 10 million copies during the first 28 days on sale. As my friend Daniel Eran Dilger remarks in a recent AppleInsider article, this is considered a great accomplishment compared to the iPhone 5, which sold five million the very first weekend, which wasn’t considered so great. So much for being fair and balanced.

    Certainly, there are several published bake-offs comparing the Galaxy S4 with the HTC One and, of course, the iPhone 5. I won’t consider whether these reviewers are necessarily accurate or misleading. Make your own conclusions.

    I’ve only had one for a few days, but I’ve been able to put together some random findings about whether it represents a major upgrade, or is just a minor update to an existing model. So, aside from all the flashy (if only occasionally useful) new software, the changes are relatively minor in the scheme of things compared to the Galaxy S3.

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