Newsletter Issue #704: Are You Ready for Black, White and Flat All Over?

May 27th, 2013

If you can believe the latest spate of Apple rumors, genius designer Jonathan Ive has decreed that drop shadows, gradients, shiny icons and other multi-dimensional effects in the iOS must vanish. It is henceforth minimalist, which also means those controversial skeuomorphic effects, such as the stitching effect in Calendar, will be history. Consistency rules!

This is the sort of story that, if it’s not true, will have a short shelf life. Apple will unveil the specifics about iOS 7 and OS 10.9 at the forthcoming WWDC conference in San Francisco, with the keynote set for June 10. But it’s also true that Apple has been known to carefully leak information about new products to some members of the press, for how else would they get things right on occasion?

While it’s possible some Apple employees are passing on this information, such things are done to their peril. If caught, they will be summarily fired by Apple, with a huge blot on their resumes. They might even have to change their identities in order to find employment elsewhere, but don’t take that seriously.

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