Newsletter Issue #705: So Did Tim Cook Lie
About Apple’s New Product Rollout Schedule?

June 3rd, 2013

Apple fans and Wall Street were clearly disappointed when Tim Cook announced, during April’s quarterly conference call with financial analysts, that Apple’s new product rollout would commence this fall? Why should it take so long? Isn’t something missing?

Well, it seems that Apple appears to have different plans in mind. It is already known that Apple will demonstrate new versions of iOS and OS X at the WWDC, which begins on June 10. It also appears that these will be major upgrades, with a number of interface changes shepherded by chief designer Jonathan Ive, who took control of the software division last fall.

While the new operating systems won’t change as drastically as Windows 8, and that’s a good thing, the early predictions have it that there will be a flatter look, free of fluff, frills and skeuomorphisms. The real question is whether Apple will come up with another 100 or 200 changes over and above the interface redesign. But the changes do not appear to be minor.

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