Newsletter Issue #706: What I Don’t Expect to See at the WWDC

June 10th, 2013

I don’t mind taking a minor risk from time to time. Several times a week, I post a commentary that I believe at least a few people want to read, and I’ve done so since 1999. I’ve attended a number of Apple keynotes at the WWDC, the Macworld Expo, during the years in which Apple was present, and loads of special media events.

However, that experience doesn’t necessarily qualify me to guess what Apple is going to do. I’ve observed enough surprises over the years. In saying that, though, stories about Apple sometimes leak more often than leaks about the NSA’s domestic spying activities. Some of those rumors may by made up jobs, while others might come from supply chain sources.

Yet it’s also quite possible that Apple is responsible for some of the stories about possible future products and services. An Apple executive can deliver the news on background to a mainstream news outlet, on the condition that there be no direct quotes or attribution to any person. Watch for words and phrases about “sources close to Apple” and so on and so forth for evidence of a deliberate disclosure.

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