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Newsletter Issue #707: Android’s Biggest Problem
is Not the Features or the Fragmentation

The other day I read an article over at Laptop magazine’s site that essentially explained why the Android platform has serious problems. No, it’s not about missing features that are already available in iOS or Windows Phone. It’s not about fragmentation, where there are so many different hardware configurations, and little or no ability to upgrade the software to the latest version.

The key problem of Android is security. This is clear when you read that article at Laptop magazine entitled, “Best Android Security Apps 2013.” There are five in that listing, with Avast Mobility Security by AVAST Software earning the top rating of 4.5 stars. There was no perfect contender.

But it’s not about which app scored the best. It’s about the need for such apps in the first place. You aren’t, for example, reading anything about the “Best iOS Security Apps 2013” or any year, because there is no demonstrated need for security software on Apple’s mobile platform.

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