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Newsletter Issue #719: Apple Skeptics Preparing for the Worst

Apple can’t catch a break! Yes, I suppose it’s fair to say that we know an awful lot about what they plan to introduce on Tuesday, September 10. Officially, Apple promises a colorful event. Unofficially, an awful lot of information has apparently leaked about the 2013 iPhone lineup. If you can believe those stories, you wonder how Apple can possibly surprise and amaze.

So there is the iPhone 5s, a modest upgrade to the iPhone 5, with more powerful parts and, most likely, a fingerprint sensor. The camera will be better, more sensitive in low-light conditions with perhaps more megapixels to keep things sharp. iOS 7 will debut, and it will be snappier with loads of useful features. I suppose there’s the possibility of superior battery life.

Nothing I’m saying here is new. The descriptions of the high-end iPhone have been available for weeks, along with photos of some of the parts. While some of these are no doubt faked, the reports are just too consistent to ignore. This would appear to mean that Apple can no longer keep secrets the way they used to. There are just too many loose cannons in the supply chain, and it’s not that Apple can fire these suppliers because some employees spoke out of turn. They’d have no supply chain left.

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