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Newsletter Issue #720: The Media Reaction to the Apple Event Was Predictable

If you believe that the stock market provides an accurate reading of a company’s prospects for success, you must think that Apple’s media event was a total failure. Yes, the product introductions were largely predictable and all, what with loads of information being leaked via the supply chain. But that doesn’t mean there were no surprises.

Consider the jump to 64-bit processing. Some suggest it doesn’t mean anything and won’t mean anything until iPhones and iPads come with more than 4GB of onboard RAM. But that’s not quite true. By crunching data more efficiently, there is a real performance improvement. One article suggested from a few percent to nearly twice as much, and the latter is what Apple is claiming for the A7 processor.

Now take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4. Supposedly the latter does indeed deliver benchmarks up to twice as fast as its predecessor. But that’s done by deliberately overclocking the processor when the benchmarks are being run; it’s not a real rating based on real-world performance. It’s a fake, a fraud.

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