Newsletter Issue #721: From iOS to Android and Back Again

September 23rd, 2013

Realizing that I needed more extended exposure to Android smartphones, I decided to make a bold move earlier this year. I contacted Samsung’s PR agency and asked if they had a Galaxy smartphone for me to evaluate on a long-term basis.

They were happy to oblige, and within days, I had a turquoise blue Galaxy S3 in my hands. I could use it for two weeks, or have it added to my own AT&T account and keep it for a longer period, and so I began my journey into Androidland.

Having used an iPhone on a daily basis almost since they were first released, I had grown accustomed to a specific set of apps and settings. Since Android is supposed to offer an extensive feature set that allows you to customize the look of your handset to a fare-thee-well, I figured it would be easy to deliver a similar experience, but I was only partly correct.

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