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Newsletter Issue #723: They Still Get It Wrong About Apple

There’s an old saying that proof of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. When it comes to keeping tabs on the tech industry, it’s clear that many so-called journalists and industry analysts might indeed be suffering from some sort of problem. How else can you explain all the falsehoods, which are repeated over and over again despite the fact that many of the falsehoods are regularly exposed?

But rather than questioning someone’s sanity, many it’s all a matter of inattention. They aren’t reading anyone else’s responses to their rantings, which must mean they are living in a bubble. Sure, I understand some creative people would rather not know what others are saying about them, but a journalist ought to be able to do some basic research.

But research doesn’t help when there’s an agenda afoot. So someone writes a negative piece about Apple, and the hit count goes way up. The publisher is happy, the advertisers are happy to pay to put their banners on a site with more traffic, and the writers in question are encouraged to keep things going. After all, they can depend on Apple fans correcting their lies over and over again, and they won’t stop until the hit counts go down.

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