Newsletter Issue #725: The Dumb and Dumber Report

October 21st, 2013

I suppose I could make correcting false or particularly ignorant stories about Apple a full-time job, and I’d still have to work overtime. So I just do it when I think it’s most appropriate. Between Daniel Eran Dilger at AppleInsider, and Macworld’s Macalope, the job is already getting done quite nicely thank you. But that doesn’t keep me from jumping in the fray when the need arises.

So I read a particularly dumb post the other day, published on a site run by a major IT publication. You’d think they’d know better, or maybe it was all meant as hit bait. In any case, the writer in question explained why he decided to return his iPhone 5s, and the reasons, if stated accurately, reveal more about the blogger than any problems with Apple’s latest iPhone.

So why did the blogger in question return a spanking new iPhone 5s? Well, it seems he was disappointed because it wasn’t sufficiently different from the iPhone 5. Now the degree of real differences are certainly subject to interpretation. What isn’t subject to interpretation is that someone who writes for a prominent tech publication should know full well the actual specs of such a product. It should not come out of left field as a surprise.

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