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Newsletter Issue #730: The iPhone 5s is Old News Report

As I write this column, Apple is just starting to catch up on deliveries of the iPhone 5s. Online shipments are now promised within the three to five business days timeframe and the holiday season is still young. But that’s better than a week or two. Besides, you stand a chance of finding the one you want, even gold, at a local dealer if you just check around.

Now this isn’t unusual for an iPhone. The new model is almost always back ordered for a while, and supplies don’t catch up with demand for a couple of months. That’s supposed to be a good thing, but Apple’s ongoing iPhone success hasn’t stopped a very few tech pundits who want to spin the improvement in availability as something bad.

Really! It seems that this situation is being regarded as evidence a falloff in iPhone 5s demand, rather than production improvements. Fewer people want them, so they are more readily available. End of story. Of course, there’s really no evidence that such a thing is true, although it’s clear that the 5s is outselling the 5c. But is that a failure for the cheaper iPhone?

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