Newsletter Issue #734: Does the Mac Pro Boost the 4K TV Surge?

December 23rd, 2013

The TV industry has certainly had problems generating huge profits, although sales have continued at a decent clip. Similar to the PC industry, TV makers have rushed to the bottom as prices crumble even on relatively full-featured sets with smart apps and 3D.

When the first 3D sets appeared, the feature was restricted to premium models. Most supported active technology, which required glasses with built-in decoding technology. The end result was having to pay upwards of $150 a pair, assuming they didn’t come standard. But if you had a large family, you either had to have your clan watch 3D content in tiny groups of two or three, or spend a bundle to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Passive 3D uses the same glasses you get at your local movie theater. They are cheap, and some sets will include half a dozen or more; some VIZIO M-series 3D sets include eight pairs, and replacements are relatively cheap. But, despite moving downscale, 3D has not taken the world by storm. It’s just not suitable for casual watching.

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