Newsletter Issue #738: I’ll Take Some Innovation with My Coffee

January 20th, 2014

This is the press meme that plays out over and over again, that Apple lost the ability to innovate when Steve Jobs passed. Every single produce update since then has been iterative. No new product paths are being taken. It’s just more of the same ole same ole.

But what about the Mac Pro? Well, it’s great looking and really different and all that, but it’s just a fancy and expensive toy for the well-heeled when it’s not being used as a tool for content creators. It’s still a PC. Well, actually, it’s a PC workstation, but does that distinction even matter?

The iPad Air? Just a slimmer, lighter revision with the usual annual hardware enhancements? The iPhone 5s? Same form factor as the iPhone 5 with those annual hardware enhancements, that fingerprint sensor and 64-bit gimmick.

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