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  • Newsletter Issue #740: Of RCA and Motorola

    February 3rd, 2014

    If you’re not a baby boomer, you may not recognize the name RCA, but even our younger readers know something about Motorola. Despite this, both companies have long histories, but nothing is forever.

    So RCA Corporation, originally known as Radio Corporation of America, was founded in 1919. Among its achievements was the NBC network, which it founded in 1926 as the result of the acquisition of several radio stations. Just three years later, after the purchase of the Victor Talking Machine company, RCA become the world’s largest manufacturer of phonographs.

    Phonographs? Yes, you remember them, right, and don’t forget the record company. Indeed some of the world’s most famous recording artists, including Elvis Presley, had their music released under the RCA label. So you see we’re talking of a company with a pedigree, although various mergers and acquisitions essentially undid the company’s core in the 1980s.

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