Newsletter Issue #745: Finding the Bad News About Apple

March 10th, 2014

Even when Apple reports record sales and profits for a quarter, there has to be a “but.” It doesn’t matter if that exception involves a huge logical stretch. It has to be there because, well, this is Apple and Apple got to where it is because of a fluke.

You see, some crazy, mercurial guy named Jobs once ran the company, and he had this magic wand that made up iPods, iPhones and iPads out of nothing, nothing at all. But now that the wand wielder is no longer around to make magic, Apple becomes a “normal” company. It’s time to face reality.

Now fair stories about CEO Tim Cook will point out that he is smart, talented, and is a great manager. He knows how to express his authority with a hard stare in situations where Jobs might have had a hissy fit. But if it accomplishes the same result, what difference does it make?

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