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Newsletter Issue #751: Apple Critics Imagine an Apple Earnings Nightmare

The headline may not make very much sense to most of you. After all, Apple is a first-class money-making machine, pulling in tens of billions of dollars every quarter. True, growth isn’t as fast as it used to be. If it was, Apple would, in a few more years, have more money than any country on the planet, so such levels cannot be sustained.

But that doesn’t mean growth isn’t quite impressive. Apple still manages to show year-over-year gains for the most part. But there have been singular misses on sales of some products, and you can argue whether financial analysts have come up with estimates that defy common sense. I wouldn’t suggest they emerge from a dark place.

On April 23, Apple will reveal details of sales for the March quarter, and financial pundits are already saying it won’t be terribly impressive. But that’s what Apple indicated in their own guidance for the period, ranging from $42 to $44 billion, compared to $43.6 billion last year.

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