Newsletter Issue #756: Some Oh-So-Obvious WWDC Expectations

May 26th, 2014

You don’t have to spend much time with your favorite search engine to find loads of articles about what Apple might launch at the WWDC. Certainly the question about new operating systems is the given, but it’s fascinating to see what directions the next versions of iOS and OS X might take.

So with OS 10.10, regardless of what popular California place name Apple uses — and Malibu would be nice if it weren’t for a certain car that has reserved that name — there is a lot of chatter that the interface will at last be overhauled in the spirit of iOS. Certainly this can be controversial, as some believe Apple is moving too far to make the desktop OS seem more like the mobile OS.

But changing a bunch of artwork doesn’t mean the OS is all that different. Remember the jump from Mac OS to OS X. Yes, some things were controversial, such as the way the Apple menu was overhauled, but most things worked pretty much the same. That meant that what you learned about using Macs as far back as 1984 didn’t change that much in 2001 when the OS went Unix.

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