Newsletter Issue #758: More Nonsense About What Apple Should Have Done

June 9th, 2014

There’s a feeling among some segments of the media that the people who run Apple are downright stupid. They shouldn’t be getting millions of dollars in wages and stock options playing with a huge multinational corporation. Let some smart people run Apple, such as the commentators and bloggers who must be frustrated because they aren’t earning the big bucks.

Of course this is silly. While it’s perfectly fine to state what you don’t like about Apple, or what Apple should do, don’t presume to suggest you know more than Tim Cook or any other executive over there. It’s possible to make mistakes, but don’t presume they are all incompetent.

Still, there is that unconfirmed report suggesting Apple’s executives didn’t understand the niceties of the streaming music business, didn’t comprehend the differences between Pandora and Spotify, and thus screwed up the launch of iTunes Radio. So they bought Beats Electronics to set things right.

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